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I wanted to do a shout out to Georgina, nutritionist extraordinaire. My consultation with her was very enlightening. I thought I was relatively clued up on nutrition and healthy eating, but talking to Georgina has made me realise how much more I could do to help my nutrition, eating, digestion and looking after myself whilst also juggling 4 children. She is so knowledgeable, professional and kind.  I can't wait to get going with my plan and start making all the changes especially her brilliant suggestions to get my chocolate addiction under control!  If you would like to see someone who totally gets it then I highly recommend Georgina.

EF, Mother of 4

Georgina was really excellent with offering diet advice to support my training and also to help reduce my body fat as I prepared for a triathlon competition. I saw results quickly which really expediated my fitness goals.  She is very professional & I would highly recommend her.


My son was diagnosed with a delayed dairy intolerance at the age of eight weeks. After a year of paediatrician visits, reflux drugs, constant vomiting, prescription milk and tears, I asked Georgina to see him and help me wean him back onto cow's milk as he was beginning to tolerate it. I was scared at the prospect, because other attempts had failed and had ended in an exhausted baby and mother. As this was my second child, I did not have the time or energy to work out where to start and I was fed up with requesting a repeat prescription of a milk which my son did not enjoy drinking anyway. 

Georgina took all the stress away. She was sympathetic and thorough and, within hours of seeing my son, sent me a clear chart of six stages I needed to work through very slowly with him. She also recommended alternative milks and other sources of calcium as well as ways of incorporating them into his food.  She has been supportive every step of the way and I couldn't recommend her more. Three months later he is now eating dairy alongside my daughter at meals, which has dissolved so much tension in our household. 

Don't waste your time if your child has a food intolerance, just go and see Georgina.


After having suffered from two known auto-immune conditions I was advised to go and see a nutritionist as other allopathic treatments hadn't lead to any improvement in my symptoms. 
Following a consultation with GR Nutrition I was advised to do some testing that confirmed leaky gut so consequently I started a gut healing programme involving a number of progressive stages.  I had to be very dedicated but due to Georgina's close guidance and ongoing encouragement and support I can happily say that now I am well and truly on the mend with continuous improvement in my  symptoms.  Georgina was always a calming and informed hand especially when things were not good so I am extremely appreciative.


I would have no hesitation recommending Georgina to anyone. In fact, I have recommended her to a number of my friends and I am delighted to say that they all have found her as equally helpful as I did.

As soon as I had my first consultation with Georgina her knowledge and understanding of nutrition and health was outstanding and I learn more and more from her every time I see her.

I initially went to see her about my low energy levels during the day and high stress levels which resulted in my lifestyle, sleep and ability to exercise being affected. I am thrilled to say my body, eating habits and energy levels have changed dramatically since we first met and even did so within a few weeks.  After the initial consultation Georgina devised a tailored and bespoke plan with impressive speed.  The plans were reassuringly detailed and very easy to follow with endless tips and ideas for menu planning and exercise routines to fit in with my lifestyle. She also recommended supplements, something I wasn’t so sure about before, but now understand how they can support nutritional changes and have seen considerable benefits.

She was very professional, approachable, helpful and trustworthy and had incredible patience with my incessant questioning as my knowledge about nutrition was minimal.  Georgina took into account my age, profession and stage of life and recommended changes which made a world of difference with minimum disruption to my social life.


Georgina is fantastic at helping you figure out how best to feed and treat your body so that you feel good about yourself internally and emotionally. Very much recommend her services. She has really helped me!

VP - Mum

I saw Georgina for advice on my general diet and on hormonal and fertility issues. I consistently found her to be extremely knowledgeable and professional in her approach. After gaining a thorough understanding of my past and present health, Georgina created a comprehensive and personalised plan, comprising diet, eating habit, exercise and lifestyle suggestions, with helpful rationale against each suggestion. She also took the time to explain everything in the consultation in simple terms, which made my situation easier to understand. I would readily recommend Georgina, and already have, to anyone seeking nutritional advice.

SR, Full Time Mother

Georgina has helped take the myths out of nutrition, and created a manageable routine that I can follow which is tailored to both my body and my lifestyle. For the past five years I have struggled with my digestion, and after starting a very stressful job I wanted to get into good habits to be able to cope with times when I don't have time to worry.  Georgina went through a comprehensive analysis of my health and my lifestyle, and we created goals together. She sent through a very clear plan, addressing my goals so that I could concentrate my efforts on making sure that my diet and my exercise regime are balanced and effective.

I have been amazed at the results, and also grateful to have someone to ask questions so that I stayed focused, rather than giving up and moving on to the next fad! My energy levels are consistent, I am sleeping better, my digestion is dramatically improved and I feel like I am in charge of my body rather than the other way round. 

I am so pleased I took the time to see Georgina. She is patient, understanding and incredibly helpful in explaining everything. I would recommend her highly to anyone with questions or concerns about their nutrition. The knock-on effects have been so wide ranging and I am now confident in dealing with other aspects of my life knowing that I have a healthy, steady foundation.


My consultation with Georgina was based on support for running a marathon. I wanted my body to cope with the intensive training I was going through with maximum efficiency and energy while maintaining a healthy life balance. I stuck to her plan like glue, which was very detailed and also helped me to understand how and why certain food and supplements could benefit my situation. Throughout my training, my energy levels didn’t falter so I am incredibly grateful for making that side of my training bearable.

Georgina listened carefully and responded thoughtfully and empathetically, provided feedback and advice that was specific to my lifestyle goals and has managed to educate me invaluably.

There is a saying ‘Health, wealth and happiness!’ There must be a reason those three words are said in that order - if you sort the first like I have been doing successfully with Georgina’s help then maybe the rest will follow!


Georgina provided an amazing insight to the world of nutrition and how making small and very manageable changes could change my daily life dramatically. For me, boosting my energy levels has improved my fitness levels and focus at work. She was very well informed and took a genuine interest in my health and concerns. Starting a dialogue with Georgina about nutrition and fitness is an education bound to improve your quality of life and I would highly recommend her.


I went to see Georgina for nutritional advice on my general eating habits, low energy levels and my irregular sleeping patterns after a friend recommended me to her. After the consultations and having tried the things that the wonderful Georgina suggested, I rarely feel hungry and my energy levels are more consistent with no more mid-morning and late afternoon dips. I am also sleeping better, which means I need less caffeine the following day, a habit I thought I would never budge. Georgina provided me with a detailed and personal plan, which was very simple to follow, with easy, subtle changes and no life-altering madness. I have lost some weight and generally feel healthier which is something I was aiming to do. Thank you once again for your help and guidance.